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Expanded Foams

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Why Expanded Foams ?
Repeatable energy management
Multiple impact protection
Weight optimisation
Strength to weight ratio
Heat resistance
Cost reduction
System reliability
All with the added benefit of being recyclable
Passenger Safety
Side Impact Protection
Expanded foam components are located within the door frames and arm rest areas to counter-balance the side impact forces.
Expanded high density modified polypropylene foam is sandwitched between the metal and plastic central reservation of the seat belt mechanism to provide hip protection
  Head Impact Protection
High density polypropylene pads clipped beneath the roof lining offers head impact protection
  Front Impact Protection
Expanded polypropylene bumper cores.
Expanded polypropylene low density foot-well in-fill pieces located under the carpet to support the heel.
Expanded polypropylene foot-well parts act as footrests.
Expanded polypropylene pads supplied taped for fixing to the steering cowl assemble for knee impact protection.
Expanded heat resistant co-polymer foam pad fixed to the passenger air bag door protects during deployment.
Pedestrian Safety

Expanded foams offer a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians. Paracoat manufacture bumper cores using deeper foam profiles which help to stop pedestrians impacting with hard points at the front of the vehicle.

  Under Carpet/Floor Levelling Systems
Car boot levelling.Floor levelling systems alow the same platform to be used for many different car variants. Produced in expanded polypropylene these low weight mouldings also offer acoustic protection and are manufactured to incorporate airflow and wire channels.
Expanded polypropylene shapes are used to level floor areas and fill voids.
Expanded polypropylene lumber cores in seats.
Expanded polypropylene arm rest cores.
Anti-submarine inserts.
Car Boot
Car boot levelling.
Integrated Tool Tray with spare wheel cover-tools.
Infill spacers.
CD player holders (including banking plugs).
Wet stowage trays.
Plastic liners and leather look finishes available.
Material Handling

Paracoat manufacturers a variety of reusable and returnable material handling systems. With our packaging design technology, we can offer asistance to increase the efficiencies of material handling systems. Expanded polypropylene is a very durable and lightweight material that will make many transit journeys-ideal for transportation of product from manufacturing to the assembly plant using a closed loop system. Dunnage trays which nest and stack may be produced in different colours for easy identification and the internal soft touch ensures against abrasion.