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A leading manufacturer for Total NVH Reduction Solution

Paracoat Products Limited (PCP), a leading manufacturer for Total NVH reduction Solution for the automotive industry. PCP have manufacturing locations at all the major auto hubs in India. PCP with its vision to go global have initiated facility at Thailand which opened on January’2013.

PCP is all set to redefine motor homes market in India with the launch of the PCP Terra. Paracoat Products Limited PCP is the first company in India to launch ready to use Motor Home cum Office.

The PCP Terra is a Motor Home cum Office, based on a standard pick-up vehicle, It is installed with frame made of fiberglass (FRP) with resistance to road worthy conditions. It is thermal insulated and static proof. The interior materials are imported from EU considering the automotive requirements, and the non-Formalin decoration Wood is imported from New Zealand. It has Double Acrylic window with vacuum system and 3 options on glass (clear opaque and mosquito net).