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The Paracoat Group

We develop and manufacture innovative products to help reduce NVH levels while improving safety, comfort and infrastructure for mobility.


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Why choose PCP

Domain Expertise
Working with over 40 OEM customers in the past four decades, PCP has developed strong expertise across the insulation and automotive industries. This, coupled with a talented team of engineers, marketers and strategists on the Executive Team, helps us drive a customer-centric culture that strives to provide fast and effective solutions.
Diverse Physical Presence
With a strong presence in all automotive clusters across India and Thailand, we stay close to our partners to support them through rapid developments and the entire product lifecycle.
People-Centric Ideology
Paracoat follows through on its promises with a people-centric approach that enables its members to grow and learn while maintaining close ties with its customers. We also keep this approach modern with design thinking that helps us develop innovative solutions for our customers and new challenges in-house.

Message from the Chairman & The Executive Team

Starting over four decades ago, we have always been passionate about making journeys safer, quieter and more comfortable. We at PCP, have always believed in offering products that improve the quality of life.

Partnering with like-minded institutions worldwide, we work to bring the latest technologies to India, keeping in mind the value for money.

Our family at PCP is our strength. Together, we strive to develop and fulfil our customer requirements in rapidly evolving industries, giving our members opportunities to grow and learn.

Integrity and human values form our DNA. With various innovations and continuous improvements, we promise to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers consistently.

PCP’s Promise to the Environment

In the wake of climate change, PCP has imbibed sustainability and recyclability in its design approach to help companies reach a carbon-neutral goal the world over. With a focus on lightweight products that reduce the carbon footprint, we are on a mission to help build a better world in the time to come.

Have a safe and pleasant driving experience.