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The NVH and Thermal experts at Paracoat innovate, develop, validate, and manufacture customised solutions for new-age customer requirements. PCP operates material testing laboratories with state-of-the-art measurement systems and a talented design team.

Material Science

In the wake of climate change, PCP has imbibed sustainability and recyclability in its innovative approach to help OEMs reach a carbon-neutral goal worldwide. We have three guiding factors in our innovation approach:

  • Recyclability
  • Light Weighting
  • Localisation

Design & Development

PCP’s exhaustive process of design and development includes:

  • Developing new composites by analysing emerging market trends and industry standards
  • Design components for customers from the initial stage of vehicle development to increase performance efficiency in the real world
  • Utilise the latest versions of CATIA & Unigraphics to break down complex designs

Simulation & Testing

PCP uses Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) that leads to:

  • Optimising composites and component design through simulation.
  • Shortening lead times by reducing prototype requirements.

VAVEs Through Series Production

PCP’s R&D team continues adding value to components through the product lifecycle. To manage changing customer expectations, the team works towards:

1. Reducing components’ weight

2. Improving NVH and Thermal solutions

3. Increasing the % of recyclable material in the composite